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My passion comes out in my food that I put my heart and soul into. I grew up around plenty of great food as a child, my grandmother who was born in Italy was the best cook! My siblings and I would visit my grandparents every Saturday growing up and she cooked meatballs, pasta, soups, tomatoes and cheese with figs on table as well. My mom is French and dad's side is Italian so mom learned how to cook Italian food very quickly and was very good with it as well!

My mom was the matriarch of the family, she raised 3 kids alone so we had to fend for ourselves at times for dinner. This is where I excelled pretty quick and found my passion, experimenting with all kinds of foods like my moms butternut squash and American cheese sandwiches haha! This was very simple but learned flavors and tastes very quick.  I would ask others to sample my foods and they loved them even as a little boy with the simplest foods ever too. That's how it all begun and took me here today, making my Savory meat pies that still blow me away of how many people love my food

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